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Tesla meets John Deere. Orbital is designing and building the next generation of American work vehicles, capitalizing on the unique advantages of electric: clean and quiet, with unmatchable torque and durability.

Our team is armed with deep electrical engineering, automotive, and software expertise.

Our Team

Lukasz Kosewski

Lukasz Kosewski
CEO & Founder

Luke bootstrapped and helped numerous startups in Canada before forming PagerDuty’s infrastructure team, and then taking on a tech lead role at Netflix automating datacenter outage recovery. His handiwork continues to manage of tens of millions of dollars of assets to this day. He combined his software experience with motorcycle manufacturing at Harley-Davidson, where he worked on key systems and pushed the Livewire out the door, and is excited to take on his greatest challenge yet: heading Orbital’s efforts to make better-than-gas electric vehicles. Luke graduated with honors and holds a B.Math degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Lukasz Kosewski

Owen Emry
CTO & Founder

Owen has been involved with EVs since the dawn of modern EV technology, from his time at AC Propulsion (the company that built the powerplant of the original Tesla Roadster), to running Alta Motors’ embedded software & hardware efforts, to becoming the principal engineer in charge of Harley-Davidson’s EV systems. Owen’s 20 years of experience in the EV field and deep connections with industry professionals make him perfect for helming Orbital’s engineering efforts. Owen holds a B.S. in Computer Science from James Madison University.

Nick Schaeferle
Electrical Engineering

Nick is an accomplished controls and electrical engineer, having worked at Tesla, Alta, and Mainspring Energy before taking on powersports vehicle challenges at Orbital.

Tom Gage
Battery Engineering

Tom brings a wealth of market and institutional knowledge from his 25+ years of auto industry involvement, and helped run battery programs at AC Propulsion, EV Grid, and INDI EV.

Greg Tada
Vehicle Design

Greg joins Orbital from Piaggio’s Advanced Design Center, and has designed motorcycles, quads, and UTVs for numerous companies including Polaris/Indian, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.

Eric Carey
Battery Design

With over 20 years of mechanical engineering design experience, Eric joins Orbital to support groundbreaking design on batteries and vehicle power electronics and packaging.

Darren Croke
Software Engineering

Darren has delivered embedded software for over two decades with a tour of duty including Tesla, Alta, Tiveni, and Rivian, and is an expert on vehicle microcontroller function.

Our R&D Space

Our team is always hands-on, prototyping and experimenting in our R&D lab in Milpitas, CA.

Orbital location Orbital location
Orbital location Orbital location
Orbital location Orbital location


Orbital is guided by a team of industry leaders in the electric vehicle space.

Martin Eberhard

Martin Eberhard

Cofounder of Tesla and its original CEO and chairman, Martin Eberhard is an influential inventor, investor, and entrepreneur.

Grant Ray

Grant Ray

A seasoned marketing executive with a wealth of consumer knowledge from stints as VP at Group 14 Technologies, SERES EV, Alta Motors, and other cutting-edge EV companies.

John 'Duke' Dukellis

John "Duke" Dukellis

A venture capitalist, multi-time CEO/COO of venture-backed payments companies, and a director of product management in Google’s profitable ad-tech portfolio.

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